Haven Review: Stellar Impact


Stellar Impact fits into the genre of Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA). In games of this style, the object is to take a team of fighters, in this case spacecraft, and navigate across a map to destroy the enemy stronghold on the other side. Along the way, you would upgrade your ships and collect resources to help you.StellarImpactTwinsUnfortunately, this title was abandoned by its developer. The most recent updates/patches to drop were in April, 2012. The most logical reason for this is that Stellar Impact is pay-to-play, whereas the MOBA world is dominated by the free-to-play structure.StellarImpactDockThis game is not without potential. It looks great and offers a lot of complexity. But its online community is very small, practically non-existent…and with that, there’s really nothing more to say.

Is the game worth it? Not yet…not until someone swoops in to resurrect it. If that happens, and it’s released free-to-play, we’ll have quite a respectable (not to mention gorgeous) MOBA to enjoy!

-Chris Roberts-

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