Haven Review: RAMBOE


Now this is one of those interesting games working on a pun for its name. In RAMBOE you are playing as a Ram! Named Boe! Because Boe was a renowned explorer who got eaten and his body devoured he found his soul roaming around in a depression and so he took over a Rams body and became RAMBOE!ram-boe-979615-h900 You get all that? Because I’m not repeating myself! The object of RAMBOE is to push blocks into a portal, these blocks posses the souls of people who have had the similar fate as Boe in which they no longer have a body and cannot move. So Boe pushes these blocks into the portals so the souls can be free again and weaken the giant Ice Giant who ate Boe’s body.

Now in terms of puzzle solving the game is fairly straight forward as it teaches you everything you need to know and how to play it. Such as staking multiple blocks on-top of each other, and how to solve the various and extensive puzzles that are put forth for you.

The one issue I found with the game though is that, the audio options don’t save outside of the main menu which has led to me talking very loud. Which you can see at the end of this article in the let’s play video we got attached.unnamed

The music is nice as is voice acting although the speech can be a little hard of hearing at times. Due to the persons accent as they try to speak. But these are things that can be easily rectified. The game visually looks a bit clunky, don’t get me wrong though the game itself plays nice and its color scheme is visually appealing but it feels like the animation could use a little work.

The game controls are also very sensitive at times making it hard to play as even the slightest touch will send me plummeting to my death. A smaller issue that could be rectified in my opinion just by making it so the character you control cannot fall to your death.

ram_boe_2In conclusion though, the game has the makings of a good puzzle game with a decent story it just needs some more fine tuning and polishing. It is available now and you can buy and play it, but we can only hope the developer will continue to support it and make it shine like it can.

-Daniel Clatworthy-