Haven Review: Raining Blobs


Raining Blobs is what happens when A bunch of friends suddenly started to fight and insult each other. No one knows why, but they deiced to solve the issue by stacking colored blobs on top of each other in a small enclosed space. Just roll with it. Pick a mode, select a girl and start playing. Sounds easy enough, right? Guess again. If anything, Raining Blobs is hard and they do not keep it a secret. To win, I have to make the blobs reach the top of my opponents’ box, and that’s where I fall apart. Personally, I have no patience for this kind of game-play, since it frustrates me so much. Yet I can’t really stop.

Can you unlock each characters story?
Connect stars to win!

It’s devilishly simple. A blob with a star removes blobs with the same color and a star in it. If there is no star, the blobs will just stack. When enough has been removed, the box of the enemy gets flooded with stacks of white blobs. At some points the speed increases and a special block may just drop. This removes every blob of one color, which in turn makes the difficulty come from the AI’s ability to be almost perfect, once you get past Level 2 in the arcade mode. Mind you, this is intentional. Unless I devote a lot of time to it, I will not succeed because I don’t have the required reflexes. Regardless of my gripes with Raining Blobs, it’ s still a decent and challenging game; drawn with pixels and is clearly meant to simulate the retro feel of a Super Nintendo or arcade machine. There’s a selection of female character portraits that opens each match with a weird insult, before the game jumps right into the action. As this is a puzzle game, the developers where nice enough to include a “versus mode”, where several players and AI can participate at the same time…a story mode that never ends. The music is alright. It’s there, and it neither annoys nor makes much of an impression…which is a good thing…since a keen eye and focus is needed to succeed. Replay ability comes from reaching the end with each character. However there’s only so far an extra “continue” can carry a player.

Get used to this screen!

This means that Raining Blobs is meant for the kind of person who likes a hard and challenging puzzle game; someone not easily prone to gray hairs! I guess they succeeded, big time! Now I just have to mend my bruised ego and play it some more.

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Disclaimer:  We received this game for review purposes only. As such, all views in this article are our own. No money has been exchanged for this review.

-Njål H Sand