Haven Review: Radical Roach

headerwyIn a post apocalyptic world ruled by flea’s only one insect has the power to stand up to them! The Radical Roach, with humanity dead he is the only being left in existence to put a stop to them.

Radical Roach is a classic side scrolling shooting game where you blo¬† w up flea’s and other various enemies to fight your way to the finished as a incredibly awesome soundtrack plays in the background. For me the games soundtrack alone is reason enough to play this game and its incredibly enjoyable to play as well.ss_c01c17c63480570863644d795dd1f2a2075ad1cc.600x338

The game itself is incredibly hard although if you can read you probably saw that already on the steam store page. There is no easy mode for this game and because of that you are in for one hell of a experience get it, cause it has bullet hell like qualities to the game.

Simply put is the game worth it? Yes if you enjoy bullet hell games and you don’t mind the hero being a roach of all things.

-Daniel Clatworthy-