Early Access: Herolike

This article is for the Early Access version of Herolike.


Calling itself “The next Diablo”, Herolike is an isometric ARPG. Herolike is mediocre at best, only sporting two characters (at this time) who have no sort of progression. Leveling up is only a way to increase the damage of your spells and your health/magic bars. After choosing your character you are brought to a map filled with little flags. Each flag represents a different type of encounter.

There are friendly encounters which give you some poorly written piece of role-playing, where you get to make a few choices. They all end with you gaining or losing gold, and adding a number to your renown. I never entirely learned the purpose of renown, but I think something told me it added difficulty to combat; although I never experienced that. There is also a gambling encounter. The only difference between this and the friendly is that the outcome is random, rather than choice based. There are two combat modes: hostile and defense. Hostile puts you into a small square of terrain in which you must kill all the enemies that spawn. I guess you also have a thing that can be damaged by enemies that you need to protect. Those four things are the only encounters in the game. You need to do them again and again 50 times.20160318143133_1

This game also has rogue-like elements, which is developer-speak for “perma-death”. If you die you must start over from the beginning. Luckily there is a way to expedite the process each time you die. Well, sorta. From the world map you can go to your town. You can unlock new shops and buildings in the town to help you on your next journey. You can buy potions, weapons and armor here. In case you’re wondering, no you can’t place the buildings yourself. The town sounds like a good idea, but winds up being fairly uninteresting.

The most interesting thing about this game is nothing that the developers made. More so that they added a ton of content created by someone else. Herolike is an Asset Flip. Now using pre-bought assets isn’t illegal in anyway, but it is a pretty scummy practice. An Asset Flip is where the developer purchases pre-made assets from a store rather than creating their own. This can lead to random collection of characters and environments, seemingly from all different games. This game is no exception. I was able to track down the asset packs where many of the playable characters and monsters came from. The addition of all these assets have come together to make a haphazard game. This game is still in early access so much of this can change. However since the game is full of pre-bought assets and mediocre mechanics, I don’t think things will be much different upon full release. I have a feeling Herolike will never come close to being the next Diablo.

afro-shaman     20160318142641_1

The first screenshot was taken from the Unity Store and Is marked as Afro-Shaman, while the second is the shaman class from the game. Clearly the same model.




The first picture is the orc bundle pack from the unity store and the latter two are screenshots of the orcs in the game.


20160318143520_1 20160318143238_1

Again the first picture depicts the zombie pack from the unity store followed by two pictures of those assets appearing in Herolike.

-Jordan Kamm-