Haven Review: Flesh Eaters


Flesh Eaters, better known as Zombies are the devious little bastards that..Well tear you limb from limb in the hopes you have some brains!
In most cases a lot of people don’t, but we can overlook that aspect in this game.

Now the object of the game is to survive, a task which is more daunting than it looks, primarily because the objectives are really hard to carry out. Hell, you can even fail in the tutorial as the game is trying to teach you which is a first for me to actually see in any kind of game.FleshEater

You start using your team members to carry out certain goals from setting landmines to placing down automated turrets to attack any zombies that come close. Although they do tend to attack in waves and more the longer you are out in the field.

Meanwhile as all this is going on you are expected to scrap other vehicles so you can use the parts from them to repair your own so you can escape the dreaded swarms of zombies that are aiming to eat the brains your characters have.

You have to learn to use their skills and abilities to your advantage to gather the supplies you need as escape but like I said earlier its a daunting task. Even after everything is said and done I found myself still dying in the tutorial to which I am given no forgiveness.scr_03

In the end it presented me with what I needed to know, it taught me what I needed to know, but it gave me constant unwinnable situations that are far from balanced. The controls were good there are no issues there, the audio is pretty decent as well, but in the end the biggest issue I had with the game is the lack of balance in regards to the gameplay.

If the creator was going for a really hard game, then he succeed but at the cost of it being playable. It felt like to me very little effort was put into trying to balance the game for new-comers or other players, and the fact that you can lose in the tutorial is disappointing to say the least.ss_80ee3fe64d1f9c73c17d71a5334da9de3b82e5b0.600x338

From the games I have played, I have never experienced a game over in a tutorial section of a game.

I cannot really recommend this game but if you want to check it out on steam, here’s a link!

-Daniel Clatworthy-