Haven Editorial: Things to improve in No Man’s Sky

No man sky has hit the world wide web hard and the hype train has been insane. Yet the game delivers exactly what the trailer promised. It’s flawed and does not deserve all the media coverage that shattered peoples expectations. Regardless, No Man’s Sky is a beautiful game, even when I find yet another two meter tall mushroom species on almost every planet.


Some sort of city wide planet. Have the entire planet being covered in one solid mega structure. Abandoned cities would be a nice addition as well. Currently all I find are the same boring outpost, that may or may not spawn with a door.

Which brings me to my second suggestion, more building and structure variation. Maybe go a bit more over board with biomass  engulfed structures as well.


More space station variation, such as spinning wheels and such. There are just too few models. This becomes really apparent as I keep jumping into new star systems.

The ability to disable the terrible computer voice. It’s really grating and ruins the experience, it’s much like a nagging overbearing mother. Unit received! Unit received! Unit received! Unit received!


Interacting with monoliths reveals the story of a bigger and fairly fleshed out universe. Though making the sequences more graphical would really help. It is too much text and a rather boring animation.

The weather effects during in No Man’s Sky a storm could use a decent touch-up as well. Currently the weather just makes the temperature go highwire and a lot of dust billows up from the ground, even during a rainstorm.


Turning of the hud with a shortcut would be really awesome. Since it becomes quite intrusive when looking at the picturesque environments.

Having a more interesting gravity variation. Such as low gravity, that would make the character jump far and slower. Whilst heavy gravity can make everything more heavy and sluggish.


There are just so few aliens at a station or a building. It’s usually just one alien sitting in a chair. While a text prompt shows up.
I have no idea why these types of games hardly ever add landmarks. A way to easily get the bearing.
On the topic of landmarks, there really needs to be a way to set out map markers. It would really, really help a lot when finding interesting things on a planet.
Have the survival meters should really be made slower and less resource greedy.

-Njål Sand