Haven Editorial: Removing Guns from Overwatch

Hello my fellow humans.
In recent news someone complained about Tracer’s butt pose in Overwatch. Blizzard was not happy with the pose, so they changed it. That’s their decision to make, however the same people decided to make a petition about removing guns from the game…a first person shooter built around bullet mechanics! The people who complained found it too violent. I can understand the idea behind this reasoning, but when these people complain about that in a game it makes me wonder if they’ve ever heard of Splatoon, or if they play games at all. There are better alternatives out there, not to mention games that put an actual effort into achieving this.

Overwatch is a colorful and charming game that enhances reality. It should be noted that pretty much every game Blizzard releases has guns and blood in them. I don’t see why they should change that now, since the game was designed with guns from the get go. To me it seems like they just got a taste of power and are now trying to leverage the company. I would have agreed if it was the original concept and intention. In my honest opinion it would be better to ask through a petition if the big AAA developers would design a brawler game of this nature with fewer guns, and be more “family friendly”. EA did manage to do this with Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare. This is a game where plants and zombies fight each other; there are virtually no guns in that.

My point is that these pushy people should really rethink and put their social justice rage to better things than complaining and censorship. Clean up the oceans, cure cancer, give shelter to the homeless or just feed starving children.

-Njål Sand-

  • The new pose is so much better though. When people make minor complaints that get blown out of proportion and the publisher changes it, other people will try to do the same. So many people are too focused on being politically correct; afraid that they are so weak-minded that any violent act or nudity in media will warp them into a deranged monstrosity.

  • Marshmallow

    “Blizzard was not happy with the pose, so they changed it.”…. Not how that actually went down. Someone (or some people) said that the original pose was offensive, and blizzard removed it (later changing it to something that was better than the first pose anyways, which is no doubt going to cause some sort of response from those who said something about it in the first place) to cater to those complaints.

    While I don’t particularly care for the petition, I won’t condone it. People will do whatever the hell they want, regardless of what you think they should do. The whole “Clean up the oceans, cure cancer, give shelter to the homeless or just feed starving children.” argument falls on deaf ears, these people don’t care about those issues, to them censorship is a big deal. Once one company starts censoring things due to minorities, more companies follow and what we’re left with is former shells of games that could have been. Censorship should be fought, and freedom of expression should be allowed no matter what medium that expression is put forth on.

    But on a more lighter note that petition wasn’t meant to be taken seriously anyways. Someone complained, Blizzard changed something, Someone else decided “hey, maybe I can complain too”, and started the petition. No matter how many signatures that petition gets, Blizzard doesn’t have to do anything. Once a petition reaches the required amount of signatures they are simply required to acknowledge the reason why the petition was started and issue a response.

    Also, what “taste of power” are you referring to, if I could ask?

    There’s 2 sides to this so called “Social Justice War”. Both sides think they’re right, when neither have a single damn clue.