Haven Editorial: Published Broken Promises and Lies

Haven Editorial: Published Broken Promises and Lies

crashI’ve hung around the gaming scene for a long time and it’s jungle out there. A wild overgrown forest filled with vicious predators, known as fake promises and lies. Gaming companies seems to live in the legal twilight when to comes to people taking action. There are a lot of expensive products, that just flat out fail to work or have missing features. Most of the time it’s the big AAA publisher that is to blame, since they usually want to push the game out as fast as possible.

Here is a list of games. Products that would have been illegal if it was anything but a game. As far as I can see there are no real regulations. It does not help that most stores will not accept refunds on an opened game, where the plastic has been unsealed.
There is only one way to show the big companies what does and does not work. The shareholders only look at numbers and trends, so talk with your valet and listen to reviews. Due to personal preferences I will not do a top list, I find them rather stupid.

Hellgate London is rogue like 3rd person game with random drops, cool classes and flashy skills. Much like Diablo. However at launch is was a broken mess of bugs and glitches. At one point I ran into a wall that could not be passed to complete the level. Players could not see each other and a bucket load of things to be worked out. Eventually they got around to fix it, and got shut down about a year later. I wonder what EA was thinking when they allowed the game to be punished.

Saints Row 2 on PC is a horrible, horrible port that should never been sold to the public. At a certain point the save file got corrupted and the game got unplayable and such cases are well documented.

Batman: Arkham Knight is a story of its own, especially on PC. Good luck making it work. If nothing else there was a serious market backslash. They ought to fix the framerate drops at some point right?

ET on the Atari. They just did not care. They got blinded by money and everything around them turned to a pile of poo. It also fucked up the gaming industry hard.

Driver 3, another well documented case of releasing a faulty game. At least they got a real good kick in the bollocks. But I don’t think they have learned much since then. Anoticable bug includes driving under the city.

Anachronox: A fun game, with a fantastic setting. At some point Eidos got tired of the developers taking too long. Which meant they published a half baked product that is still buggy. At one point movie sequences started repeating themselves when backtracking.

Dai Kantana got hyped, promised a lot and failed to deliver anything remotely close to what was expected.

Aliens Colonial Marine is also a very notorious example. Just look it up on Youtube and marvel at the false promises and the bugs.

Sonic 2006 sucks more than a two legged donkey and runs like one. I wonder why it got published at all.

No man’s Sky is the latest thing we love to hate. Which encapsulate all the issues of broken promises and a buggy sub par product at launch.

Duke Nukem Forever became a mediocre first person shooter. Where the gameplay was boring and the player could pick up shit and throw it at the wall. Not to mention that it took ages for it to actually be released at all.
Mind you, this also holds true for indie developers. If your product is a steaming pile of manure, expect harsh criticism!
Njål H Sand