Haven Editorial: ByLAN 2016

Haven Editorial: ByLAN 2016

Bylan is a cozy local, reoccurring  lanparty situated in the city of Bergen. Within the country known as Norway, I’m not sure if you’ve heard about it? If not, I’m here to enlighten you. People like me play game and unlock the common misconception, gamers are social and does indeed leave the house. Especially when it is PC gaming related. Which is why lanparties is a big and decently popular thing. Aside from just sitting around playing competitive multilayer games, there are also a lot of competitions held and several fun guests that visit.

There was several competitions being held this time around. On of them was Pokemon stadium on the Nintendo 64. It’s was okay, the monsters spent most of the time sleeping. A Street fighter competition. The ever so popular CS go, not really my cup of tea, but damn addictive if you like the game. Some time during the evening they manage to arrange a lazy mans wheel race, but I was not there to witness it. And several others as well.

The most popular games had a fairly big pot of money as the first price. Plus chocolate medallions.

One of the most interesting highlights of the event, was the serious number of old computers and consoles being put on display. I did not expect to see a working Amiga 500+ any time this decade. Or one of the good old pinball machines. For uneducated readers. It is a game machine, where a pin is pulled back to propel a ball through an arena. Where there are only two goals, get a highscore and prevent the ball from falling into the hole at the bottom.

The most awesome thing I encountered was a home made arcade machine table, with a huge selection of games. I’ve encountered this one before, but it is still very cool. These nifty machines have two arcade sticks and a money slot on the side. The one that was being displayed at ByLAN was apparently home made, based on some very good instructions found online and a cheap Chinese model.

Despite ByLANs attempts at informing people what was going to happen. The poor sound configuration made the speaker voice almost impossible to hear within the hall.

On the flip side, the wire solution between the pc tables was fantastic, with the way the power cord was arranged. The general attitude of the folks there was also chill and relaxed, with many friendly faces.







Photos taken by Yngve Hegreberg


Njål H Sand