Haven Editorial: GTA5 Tows In for the PC

When Grand Theft Auto V (GTA5) spun in for game consoles in 2013, PC players were patient. After all, their version would offer enhanced graphics, smoother gameplay and the all-important first-person view so absent in earlier releases. These improvements did in fact debut fairly quickly…just not for the PC! The heralded “next-gen” consoles took the wheel, resulting in a significant boost in GTA5’s replay value.
The PC version suffered one delay, and then two, and is now scheduled to release on April 14, 2015 to a throng of beleaguered, yet hopeful fans. The developer, Rockstar Games, has offered some in-game goodies to players as a reward for their patience, but many PC players have simply been unable to wait, and have either sprung for the next-gen version or watched live streams and recorded play sessions.

As with any new product release: “You sell on the sizzle; not on the steak.” With the sizzle all but fizzled, we’ll have to see if the game’s added perks will provide enough sauce to flavor the rapidly cooling steak.