Haven Review: Gladiators online: Death before dishonor

Gladiators online: Death before dishonorgladiators

In the awe-inspiring coliseum; Two mighty, shiny men of flesh and bone stands face to face. Clad only in pieces of armor and exposed skin. Ready to strike each other down in the name of the emperor and myself. Little do I care about their past. I only care for victory. For what are we but shadows and dust!

My warrior snarls like a wild beast as he lunges towards the opponent. Whom nimbly jumps over his trident. Only to retaliate with a roar which echoes through the arena. As he spins in a circle and breaks the shield my gladiator is holding. However this move would cost him, as he exposed his belly. A fast strike from my gladiator ended the match in a squirt blood. Victory was mine to claim this day.

Long story short.

This is a browser game made with unity. However I could not launch it in a browser window, after installing the plugin. Therefor I downloaded it instead.

Despite being able to make an account and adjust the resolution, all the pictures are of terrible quality and indicates a lack of texture scaling. The in game graphics are simple and quite basic. Though this is a good thing. Since it easy to get a good overview of the arena. Though at times there was a pillar that kept obstructing the camera. As the warriors keep hitting each other small pools of blood squirts out of them only to shortly vanish afterwards.

As I enter the main menu. I’m thrown straight into the tutorial. where a very helpful voice over explains the mechanics. Which is good, since I had a hard time reading the text. The voices in the game are quite good and fits well with the hammy showmanship nature of gladiator fighting. Never the less,  the audio quality is piss poor and I can’t adjust the in-game volume. 

Combat is a very simple affair. There are two men, and these men fights automatically from what I can see. So the only thing I can contribute to combat is to click on a skill and wait for it to come off cool-down. Low level characters only have two skills and they’re pitched against enemies of similar strength somewhere in Rome, or in one of the other provinces.

The music is quite nice and fitting, too bad the quality is ear piercing. This is clearly meant for browsers and the face-book crowd. It also includes a Facebook login and micro transactions, that allows me to pay my hard earned money on virtual money. Cash that I can use in game to buy gear and gladiators. I can also recruit a friend for some momentary gain. Keep in mind, I could not get the Facebook log-in to work when I downloaded the game.

There is also a lot of loading involved, the loading takes longer than the matches most of the times and that is against a computer controlled enemy. Sometimes the match pauses for no reason other than to try and load in more data. At least it wast no time in throwing me back to the menu.

It’s clear to me that this is more management focused. Since I can hire a lot of men and acquire a lot of equipment. Such as the classic sword and shield, or the ever popular pointy stick.

Unfortunately I can not recommend this game. It is not fun, it is dull, drab and boring.

Also if one is averse to blood and violence this is not the game to play. Not that I have ever heard of non violent gladiator fights.

First up is our disclaimer. We received this game for review purposes only, and as such all opinions in this review are our own. No money has been exchanged for this review.

-Njål Sand-