Nerd Editorial: Ghostbusters 3 with Male cast?

When news of a third Ghostbusters with an all female cast broke news, the boys of the internet cried out in several voices, many comments positive and hopeful, but also many negative, claiming that Hollywood was attempting to sell their childhood (again) under the guise of marketing gimmicks. Well, Sony pictures has apparently announced today that a Male cast Ghostbusters movie will be released as well to pander these fan boys.


The film is set to Star Channing Tatum in the lead role and is supposed to be part of a new Ghostbusters “Cineverse” (in the same style as Avengers n such, as is the craze today). This is so absolutely bizarre to me, like Sony is already kicking the female Ghostbusters to the curb before they even start production. It’s as if they heard all the moaning from the manchildren on the internet and decided to have a boy Ghostbusters as a backup plan and because they’re worried lady toys won’t sell to the 35 year old men who make up the collector market now.

So I guess the question to ask is, when the theaters release these ghostbusters movies, Which are you going to call?