Otaku Editorial: Fruits Basket Is Back!

fruits-basket-another-banner-smRejoice, Fans!

Starting from September 4th, HanaLala Online with Hakusensha will launch the upcoming chapters for Fruits Basket: Another by Natsuki Takaya every Friday! That’s right, the ever-beloved shoujo-manga of Chinese zodiac animals is getting a sequel! Fans are already speculating the possibility of a new anime adaption.

The story of Fruits Basket: Another is set after Touhru’s high school graduation and focuses on Sawa, a young girl entering high school.

Can you feel the excitement…then ready your baskets! in addition to the September 4th sequel, Hakusensha is also releasing two Collector’s Editions of the Fruits Basket original manga! They will consist of twelve B6-sized volumes to be released monthly, including new artwork by Takaya. The Collector’s Editions will also include colored cover pages from Fruits Basket‘s original Hana to Yume serialization.

furuba-1Fruits Basket originally ran from 1998-2006 in a Hakusensha magazine called Hana to Yume, and has over 18.5 million copies in print! Some fans might better remember the 2001 anime adaption by Studio Deen and director Akitaro Daichi, dubbed and released in North America the following year.

Furuba-fruits-basket-2126721-600-409As for it’s sequel, Takaya personally blogged that Fruits Basket: Another is planned to run for a short 2-3 volumes and meant to commemorate the releasing of Fruits Basket Collector’s Edition.

In the blog, Takaya added;

“While those who have never read the original will be able to read the sequel, those who have read the manga will get a good laugh out of the new series. The original main cast of Tohru, Yuki, and Kyo will not appear in the new series, although they might be mentioned in conversation.” -Natsuki Takaya

She currently has no plans to resume Liselotte to Majo no Mori just yet, but will try hard to resume her work little by little and thank fans for their continued support.

Are you excited for Fruits Basket?