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MidnightTCG Rules

Board Rules - Effective July 1, 2012

Behavior & Language - Most of this will come down to common sense, but insults & harassment of any kind will not be tolerated, and neither will excessive vulgarity. This includes (but is not limited to) verbal, written, or image related abuse directed toward the forum, its affiliates or its members. Similarly, know that if a word or phrase is filtered from view (in our case by way of the board automatically replacing it with another), that it's restricted like that for a reason. Don't evade the filter, and don't use those words/phrases in pictures either.

Content-While our individual sections will have their own rules/guidelines that apply to their specific audience & design, don't post pornographic/overly sexual material, derogatory comments based on (not not limited to) race/religion/politics/sexual preference, the promotion of drug/alcohol abuse, or things that could be considered spam anywhere.

Advertising-Don't make threads/posts/etc for the sake of getting people to visit other (non affiliated) websites. There's nothing wrong with a plug here & there when appropriate, and there are always exceptions when it comes to citing news/articles/etc (although the content should still be pasted into the topic if possible). However, if the main reason for a link is to advertise another site (regardless of whether or not its owned or operated by you), then it'll be removed. If you would like to promote your website, do it with a non obtrusive image or text within your signature, and the more active you are on the forums, the more it'll be seen by others.

Legality & Consent-Don't provide or ask for copy-written or otherwise prohibited/illegal material such as media or intellectual property. Similarly, don't distribute another member's personal/private content without their consent. This includes (but is not limited to) private messages, pictures & irl information.

User Accounts-Make sure that your password is something secure (aka, don't make it "yugioh" or the same as your username), and that the e-mail address you have on file with us is one that you have secure access too. Don't give out your password to anyone, and if you find yourself unable to access your account for whatever reason, just contact an active Administrator & we'll do what we can to get it back for you. If you need to create another account when you do this that's alright (oppose to contacting one of us via e-mail which truthfully can end up taking longer), but remember that since your account is a form of your identity, alternate accounts aren't allowed under normal circumstances. As such, your otherwise temporary account will be merged into your original one.

Signatures-When it comes to what can be in your signature, all of the above rules apply. Just remember to keep the size to 5000 pixels (it's ok if you're using a quote-box that's wider, though), and to host any images from web space that's actually yours. This can be from your photobucket/DeviantArt/etc account (or even a trusted member's space), but don't hotlink images from other websites because you have no control over what's actually being brought over.

Warning Matrix-As the Midnight TCG staff, we have to ensure a positive environment for everyone, and sometimes this involves issuing warnings. A verbal warning may be given to an individual before hand when we see that a rule has been broken by mistake (or to body of people, such as when a thread as a whole is being derailed), but if we need to keep record of someone's actions through the official channel, this is the matrix we will normally follow, and warning points remain in effect for 120 days (4 months) before they automatically expire.

1st offense-You will receive 1 warning point, as well as a PM basically explaining why. This will serve as your reminder for the future.

2nd offense-You will receive 1 warning point, and an explanation of why you received it. Depending on the severity of the offense and/or whether or not its of the same nature as your previous infraction, it may include a 1-3 day suspension.

3rd notice- You will receive 2 warning points with a 1 week/7 day suspension, at which time you will be contacted personally & your actions on the board will be monitored closely by the staff. This is basically a sign to think a little harder about what message you're sending to others when you post.

4th notice-If it comes to this, you will be suspended until further notice along with your 5th warning point, and your account standing will be evaluated by the forum Administrators. This will most likely result in a ban, but if we believe that you deserve a "last chance" ticket to come back with, that's exactly what it'll be.

Disclaimer-Views expressed on the boards by members of Midnight TCG are not necessarily the views of this website or its affiliates. If you have a question regarding whether or not something is acceptable, PM an active Moderator or Administrator with your questions, and if you come across something you find questionable, please report it via the triangle shaped "!" button in the thread & we'll address it as soon as possible.

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