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  18. raythao h:icarus attack dr04 w: cyl
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  32. Have TCG and OCG Yugioh/ Want yugioh and Videogames.
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  36. Ichigo's List W: Rare Pod ot duality H:CP Reaper, other neat stuffz
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  39. W: Zenmaines, Ulti DAD, Lots H: Rather large collection.
  40. Looking for some good honest traders! bring the goods yo!
  41. everything for sale for a fair price! plz make a offer if looking to get something!
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  43. coming back into the game
  44. need : tour guide , rescue rabbit, and a few other things
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  46. Have: ScR Heliopolis/dolkka+goodies Need:SR Gadgets/Uprgades
  47. Updated 8/2
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  57. Have: DW stuff, GB stuff, GAOV stuff Want: BoM ultra, WU Rabbit, Gaia Dragon, etc.
  58. Welcome to the Silence| StaticSilence's Trade Thread on MNTCG
  59. H: CP08 Lumina, Safe Zone, Synchros, Chains. W: Leviair, REDMDs, Extra Deck stuff.
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  69. [Kyouou's 333rd] - [Spoiler Zone]
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  71. Update pending
  72. H: Dark Hole TU05, 2x LADD, etc. W: D-Draw SCR, BW stuff, E-Tele Ulti, etc.
  73. do you have mtg? do you want ygo? then come on in! looking to get rid of what i have
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  76. H: LCYW Stuff, REDU stuff, etc.
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  84. H: ABYR, Crystal Beast Stuff, etc. W: Stardust (SCR), TKRO (GLD), 2x MST (GhR or SCR)
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  89. And I am back! Lots to trade for, lots to trade with!
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  91. H: 3x TKRO Gold, NUMH stuff, BP02 stuff W: 2x Thrasher ulti, Xyz Reborn, more
  92. Have YGO (LOB-IOC), Want Magic
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  102. H: LCYW, other stuff W: Bujin stuff, Constellar stuff
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