Site News: Borderlands: Everyone Needs a Hand.

Borderlands: Everyone Needs a Hand! Hey everyone as you know we got a charity pledge coming up and we are trying to raise
to help people in need. We all know what is going on with ISIS and how essentially people are getting killed, and having the shit kicked out of them and well a lot of people are now homeless.

People have been trying to come across into the borders and long story short its a lot of refugee’s and a lot of mouths to feed. There is a lot more details but lets face it were a gaming organization and if I ranted about their situation or all the other problems the world is facing I would bore you so lets get strait to the point shall we!borderlands_the_pre_sequel_logo_61262

July 31st to August 2nd we will be playing thru the entire collection of Borderlands that means we will be playing. Borderlands, Borderlands the Pre-Sequel and ending it up with Borderlands 2 the reason why we are doing this is simply because everyone needs a hand now and then.
Ever been down on your luck? Ever been so broke you wish you could afford that $5 Pizza from Miss Moxxi’s place? Well I certainly do and I have been there before so I want to help out and so does my team! maxresdefaultSo if you want feel free and drop a dollar or two towards the International Rescue and also feel free to join us for our charity pledge where we will have a few surprises for everyone who joins in also!

Assuming they get here in time for the pledge. But We can’t spoil the surprise just yet and thank you everyone for listening to what we got planned and remember it only takes one person to make a difference in the world. You just got to be willing to work to make that difference.

Update 1: Thanks to the people at International Rescue you can donate now if you want too!
Update 2: Seeing as how it starts later today time to reveal the big secret Gearbox has kindly
donated a lot of goodies to give away during the pledge so big expecting that! You don’t got to donate to win free goodies!

5pm PDT, our twitch channel!

-Daniel Clatworthy-