Haven Editorial: Escaping thru gaming.

A while back I read a article about a kid named Xue Zhenjun who was a student at
Taiwan’s Chienkuo University of Technology. Essentially what happened was his father
constantly bothered him.

because his father told him to get some sleep
instead of staying up all night playing
an online game.

134810-09Now as a gamer I tend to stay up a lot and rarely go to bed at a proper time. That also
explains why I never release videos on a schedule. But there comes a time when
you know you got to stop gaming before it becomes to addicting and you know
you got to focus on other things.

For other people gaming is a escape running away from a reality that is to harsh to deal with.
I know this because some of my childhood was like that so I can speak from experience.

The world is unfair, unforgiving and cruel and filled with a lot of hateful people and in games
you can find people who can relate to what you are going thru.
But what you should take away from it is the experiences you get from playing games with these people so you can.
Help deal with the harshness of reality. Xeu Zhenjun took his life by lighting himself on fire
and I know there is a marshmallow joke in there somewhere but. Suicide is not a joke
some things you don’t joke about at all. That happens to be one of those things.

What needs to happen is parents, and older people need to understand that the world they grew up in is gone. They need to take a interest in what their children are doing regardless of how old the child is. Learning and growing up is a life long experience not a experience that
stops when you get older and have a kid.

There generation created electronic gaming, their generation before that created the radio, the generation before that created electricity.

The list can continue and their arguments will always be “when I was your age” we never had this or that.There argument is already invalid if they are using a excuse like that.

What they should be doing is asking what is going on in their lives, how can they help?
I knew a eighty year old man who took the time to play the Yu-Gi-Oh! card game with his
grandson so he always had something in common with him and he could talk to him.

Another thing its not just the parents its the kids. If you can’t talk to your parents talk to someone.
Don’t end your life because your parents are dumb as bricks there are people out there who are willing to talk to you.

Willing to help you and listen to you and be there for you.
There needs to be understanding on both parts so things like this will
never be repeated.

Although that’s just my two cents, what do I know right?
I’m just a chubby gamer who sits behind a desk.

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-Daniel Clatworthy-

Source Article: RocketNews24