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Nerd Review: Constantine: The Hellblazer


Arguably clunky title aside, Constantine: The Hellblazer is one of the best new comic series for newbies and seasoned readers alike to pick up. Co-written by Ming Doyle and James Tynion (art by Riley Rossmo), the new series offers a sense of fun to entice newer readers while also having an edge fans of Hellblazer might have missed since its cancellation.

The main plot of the story thus far is Constantine trying to figure out what has been killing off his ghostly entourage and how to stop it. It’s a compelling story that promises a good payoff. A minor plotline also deals with John’s flirtatious banter with a local restaurant owner named Oliver-a real treat for fans who have wished for John’s bisexuality to be more explored over the years. The ending of the second issue had me practically begging to know what was going to happen next.

Though the dialogue and John’s inner monologue all work well, the way the series deals with cursing can get a little irritating. While John was over at Vertigo he could say whatever he fancied, here the more naughty words get covered up with pentagrams. I don’t blame the creators one bit, but am a little annoyed DC can’t just doesn’t slap a stronger warning on the series and let it be for mature readers only. It’s confusing as to why certain words have to be censored but John can be having sex with a demon in just the next panel.

The series art can also be a potential turn off for some fans but personally speaking I really like it. I love the look of the backgrounds and think Rossmo’s able to capture John’s facial expressions. I also really appreciate the use of bright colors on occasion, from the beautiful two page spread of different levels of hell in the first issue to flashes of spirits haunting a house John’s walking through in the second one. Just because the series deals with horror doesn’t mean it has to look drab. I appreciate any series that’s going for a unique style rather than just sticking to convention.

Fan reaction to DC’s New 52 launch has been a mixed bag-some titles have been well received while others have been used by fans to argue that DC’s relaunch was a mistake. Constantine: The Hellblazer seems like it’s trying to be the best of both worlds: edgier than New 52 Constantine to appeal to bitter Hellblazer fans (a position I entirely sympathize with-by the time I finally got into it and almost caught up to what was currently selling, its cancellation was announced), while also offering less daunting continuity for newer readers and more stories for writers to explore. There series is still in its infancy so there’s no telling where John will end up, but I got enough genuine enjoyment out of it so far to fully recommend it to fellow comic nerds and hope they like it as well.

Nerd Review: Desucon – Summer 2015

Many people have the conception of a Norway that is filled with wild vikings, blood thirsty frost giants and polar bears. That might be true, but we also have cosplay (costume play). This is a fancy and fun concept that sprung forth from Japan, and has become quite popular worldwide. If you need to see the definition, Google it (or dig through our Otaku-Haven channel). Cosplay attracts people in costume, therefore a gathering place is needed. Desucon provides just that.

1Due to the size, Desucon was arranged in Lillestrøm, some flat and boring place outside of Oslo. The weather was actually quite nice for once, a rarity when it comes to Norway. Luckily I don’t don a fur suit. I cant imagine it being fun to stew in sweat for an entire day. After all, you learn a lot about what works and what doesn’t when it comes to costume making and wearing. But more on that later.

This year they decided to have a LAN segment as well, where many people played Smash Bros and tried 1-on-1 pro League of Legends. Then there is the usual selection of stands, such as Outland, Neo-Tokyo and whoever decides to hire a table there. The event lasts for three days, with meet-and-greet from various fandoms, and it ends with a cosplay competition and a show at the end…though this show was dull. Regardless, the judges were fair and the competition was fun to watch, since the ones who entered the finals put on some splendid performances. However they really should find a better overlay setup.16

There where a lot of people waiting to get inside on the first day, lining up in a disorderly queue. Some even slept in the hall! They really should have used a loud speaker to inform people, since the VIPs were to enter first. I did not miss anything by waiting, so I just went for food at the local pizza place.

3I mentioned earlier things that do and don’t not work with costumes. I came as Acolyte Lee Sin, which means I wore a hood that disrupts and puts a serious strain on my eyesight. I also wore a belt that didn’t make much sense, and somehow it managed to break. Video game designs and belts seldom make practical sense. Another example was the Commander Shepard outfit someone was wearing. It worked, but several pieces were about to fall off. The most odd and fascinating contraption I saw was on those that decided that they needed to be taller. They stacked several training mats, cut them down to the size of their feet and glued their shoes on top. This makes it very hard to walk, but you do actually become taller. Fortunately they thought of that and set up a cosplay first aid station.

5During the show they also arranged for a cosplay catwalk and a Smash Bros competition; not that I could hear the announcement over the crappy P.A. system. Regardless, prizes were given out at the end, which helped make this Desucon fun…even if the end show was boring.

All these pictures have been taken by me, so if they are to be used I only ask for credit.

-Njål Sand-


Nerd Review: Zentai Spider-Man Suit!

First up, a disclaimer. We got this product because we wanted to review it, and as such
all views in this article our are own, and no money has been exchanged for this review.

Ever wanted to be a Super Hero but could never make the outfit you wanted? I did, and I find it irritating that so many people can cosplay, but I cannot. However an idea came to me, and I realized that there are people who can make it possible for the right price.

True, some outfits like Gundam suits are a bit out of their league, but Super Heroes in general are not! Ever wanted to be Spider-Man, Batman, or even (and I can’t believe I’m saying this) Aqua Man? Then pre-made suits may be the way to go. Even more so if your a talentless hack like myself.
A bit about the suit in question:  Batman was my first choice. I have the disposition for it, but lack the money. So I ultimately went with Spider-Man. Made entirely of spandex, the suit breathes easy and feels simply amazing. You won’t be gasping for air through the face mask, and the cool breeze wafting through your backside provides comfort, no matter how hot it gets on the convention room floor!

I was worried when I first donned the mask because I could hear some ripping and tearing. But I was later informed that this is normal, as the suit itself is double stitched to improve integrity. The product handles quite nicely overall and I’m happy I can finally enjoy cosplay, even if I am on the “big” side for a Spider-Man.
Cosplay should not be judged by bodily figure; what you can or can’t “pull off.” It’s about doing what you enjoy. Of course there are purists who will disagree, but ultimately it boils down to having fun, enjoying an outfit you bought or made.

The great part about owning the suit is that I can experience the best of what it means to be a Super Hero. I visit children in the hospital on “free comic book day”, and am able to cheer them up! They get to read the adventures of Spider-Man while hanging out with the ultimate “ordinary” Spidey!

Another great thing about the suit is how customizable it is. You can order it with a piss zipper, as well as with a detachable hood so you can hang from the ceiling and make out with someone, just like in the movies…assuming you can actually hang upside down for any length of time!
Overall, Zentai suits are worth the price of admission. The quality is amazing and  customer support is great. Not many companies go out of their way to help you into just the right suit.

If it’s within your budget, I definitely recommend geting a Zentai suit.
I have a video of mine in action, but since we were banned from YouTube over a glass of orange juice, I will find another way to post it.

-Daniel Clatworthy-