Nerd Editorial: Beam me up! A Star Trek themed cruise is here.

enterprise_cloudsTrekkies are ecstatic for the upcoming 50th anniversary of Star Trek and now have another reason to celebrate: in 2017 the first ever Star Trek-themed cruise (well first ever officially licensed one) will sail off for almost a week of fun and excitement for fans to enjoy.

The cruise starts its voyage on January 9, 2017 and lasts for six days and six nights. It will depart from Miami, Florida and have stops in Cozumel, Mexico and the Bahamas. Cast members are joining in on the fun as well: Marina Sirtis (Deanna Troi), Robert Picardo (Lewis Zimmerman), James Darren (Vic Fontaine), Denise Crosby (Tasha Yar), John de Lancie (Q), Johnathan Frakes (William Riker), and of course the host of the event William Shatner.

I’ve been on a lot of cruises before and think this could be really fun for fellow Trekkies. There’s bound to be a ton of fun activities aboard and the possibilities are endless. You could do a form of laser-tag based on the Bajoran resistance to the Cardassian occupation. All of the films could be playing outside on a big screen to be enjoyed by guests lounging around the pool. Endless trivia events where the most minute details of the shows can be fought about for prizes. A green margarita that’s named “Vulcan’s Blood.” I already want to go.

I will say the ticket prices are pretty steep ($975 as the cheapest option) but the actors need to be paid for the amount of entertaining they’ll be doing so I guess it’s fair. I also want way more DS9 actors to get in on this (if I magically had the time and money to take that kind of vacation I’d want to hang out with Avery Brooks), but it still looks really fun with the people going.

With my extensive cruising experience I can offer a few tips to people who have never been on one before but are interested in going on this: bring a lot of extra cash for when you’re on the islands. There are laundry facilities on the ships so if you don’t bring enough clothes for the trip it won’t be the end of the world. The bathrooms are small so bring travel sized shower supplies. Booze is expensive on the ships and it’s totally possible to sneak some onboard but be smart about it-your bags will be checked and you’ll be going through a metal detector so more conventional flasks are out. Bring something for sunburn because it will happen to you or someone you know at some point. Most importantly, relax and have fun. I hope everyone on board the cruise takes plenty of video so the rest of us can see what happens on it to, and the experience is ends up being the perfect way to celebrate the 50th anniversary. You can book your reservation here.

-Bri Nicks-