Nerd Editorial: Batman or Superman?

Batman vs Superman: An age old debate and a new movie. It could be good, but I assume it will be mediocre or just infuriating. Regardless, I don’t care too much about who is best. I just like to explore the means by which they fight each other.

Superman has a habit of punching people with lethal results. However, flying up high and dropping rocks on people is hardly interesting to watch…not to mention a bit inhumane. Like them man of steel himself, pretty much anything dropped from space can and will be deadly at terminal velocity.

Depending on circumstance, Batman may have access to green kryptonite, a glowing green crystal from Superman’s home world that makes the latter weak and ill. One way to use it is as a ring-mounted stone, and then just punch Superman real hard.

Normally these debates come down to planning. Batman never loses his logic, even if he has had a minor setback with Bane…and a broken spine. Since his utility belt holds smoke pellets, I imagine he would just add kryptonite dust and let ’em loose when Superman goes for the punch. However, there is a much more cynical way to do this. There is a conspiracy theory about the jetstreams from planes being seeded with mind control drugs. But what if the streams wa laced with kryptonite instead? Sure most of Metropolis would suffer random mutations and cancer, but they do that anyway!

-Njål Sand-