Nerd Editorial: Batgirl victimized again?!?

It seems that DC comics just can’t get enough of making Barbara Gordon a victim in the eyes of the public. A new Variant cover of Batgirl #41 rekindles to our memory the horrific trauma that happened to her back in the 80’s during Alan Moore’s Killing Joke when Batgirl was shot in the stomach and paralyzed (allusions to sexual assault as well, but nothing ever confirmed)

Personally while I loved The Killing Joke as a comic from the 80’s, the tone of the current run of Batgirl is much more positive and shows batgirl in a more powerful light as opposed to the victim that this variant cover does. For those curious, this was the original cover of batgirl #1:

As you can see, an image like this presents a stark contrast from the variant cover of issue #41 and a completely different tone. What do you guys think? Was DC right to pull the cover?