Haven Editorial: Ban-craft.

Back in February the Turkish ministry began a probe to investigate Minecraft to determine if the game should be banned for being “too violent” Somehow the Turkish government concluded that Minecraft should be banned for being too violent.
I for one find this to be possibly one of the dumbest things ever. Let us ban something for its violence especially something where it can be freely disabled unlike certain world related issues. Here I’ll explain it better for everyone.

There is violence in the bible, nudity, sex, seriously have you read the song of Solomon?
There is violence in the streets, protesting, occasional sex depending on your profession, and murder.

There is violence caused from religion which is always a hot topic issue but you don’t see religions getting taken down. Yet somehow a children’s game is enough to merit removal on the fact you can get cyber-bullied in it or that you can kill a pig.

There are other games way more violent than Minecraft and they are still perfectly playable in Turkey. There are currently no banned games in Turkey.
So why have they decided to go out and ban Minecraft of all things.
It’s perfectly okay for their government to let me go rent a virtual hooker and plow her in my backseat. Then go out and head-shot a random pedestrian walking down the street.

Yet it would not be okay for me to hit a piece of wood from a tree.
Hats off to the Turkish government for proving you can be organized and well mannered and still act like a bunch of idiots.

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-Daniel Clatworthy-