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Haven Review: Warframe

Warframe-ZephyrIn the free to play Warframe, you are a Tenno, an uber ninja that kicksass and takes names. These ninjas are master of the gun and the sword and a lot of flashy powers. Though you can also bash your way through the enemy with, bows, mallets, grenade launchers and more. After all the game takes place in a futuristic version of the Sol system. Most of the plot is still being added compared to the barebone release. For an evolving game like this, the graphics are quite fantastic and very organic. Despite the game running okay on most computers, does not mean that you can get away with a poor online connection, it is after all an online game. The gameplay itself is fast paced since a Tenno is very mobile, after all you are allowed to slide, roll and wallrun as much as you please. When running around squashing enemies, you gain warframe and weapon levels. Which gives you extra points to equip the mods dead things drop. Not only is it free, it’s a very good coop game, where 4 players can go about it and complete a quite varied lot of missions. Sure you always have to run and shot things. However there is much variation to be found, especially compared to when it got released. The suit you wear is called a Warframe, it comes with 4 distinct and flashy powers and can be supported by a sentinel. It’s a flying robot that also can equip mods or you can get a vicious attack dog. It should be noted, there is grinding. To either get mods or materials, so that things can be made, without having to deal with micro transactions. There are a lot of warframes to unlock, and all of them sports a distinctive look and skill set.

So to short version is.

Free to play
Uber ninjas
Nice graphics
Item Crafting

It only cost time, a pc and a stable internet connection to play.