Nerd Editorial: ASSEMBLE! (A Bionic arm)

So recently it’s come to light that Robert Downy Jr is working with the “Collective Program” to help reduce the price of bionic limbs. The idea is that 3d printers and about $350 worth of supplies will create not just working robotic arms, but also allow the people who need them to have them customized.

Video of Alex receiving a new Iron Man arm from RDJ

This is great for the community as a whole and great for people who have through one means or another lost a limb through disease, amputation, or other means. This process can help people get the help they have wanted for so long but were unable to afford it.

To read more about “The Collective Project, click here

(Disclaimer: This is in no way shape or form evidence that supports the idea that robots are slowly taking over our minds and bodies in an attempt to overthrow humanity and rule the world)