Otaku Review: One Punch Man

One-Punch-ManOne Punch Man

Let it be known, I’m not an otaku, but I still enjoy the hell out of this show. In a world much like our own, monsters fight men over and over again. This has become a disturbingly common thing, so a man decided to fund a hero organization that employs anyone willing to fight. Naturally there is a system to determine how dangerous a threat is, and heroes are put into grades ascending from “E” to “A”…with “S” at the very top. Japan loves this grading system it seems. Each city is just referred to by a letter.

The protagonist is a simple and bald man, who became insanely strong. Anything he fights he can beat with one punch. Essentially he is an unbeatable superman. If this had been any other show he would be considered a Gary Stu.

Ladies and gentlemen, our shounen hero.


Luckily he is a flawed man with too much power in his hand, yet he struggles to kill a small mosquito; go figure.

Since Saitama is just too good at beating enemies, the author brought in a cyborg called Genos, who has a lot more flair in combat. Naturally he is also a bit inexperienced so he takes a lot of damage. He’s pretty much the stoic and overly serious hero type, that often goes into anti-hero territory. Mind you, he is a very awesomely designed mechanical man.

Dpiccolo-whyue to the highly detailed art direction, most of the monsters look creepy as hell and clearly inspired by other series, such as Dragonball. The premise is simple. Monsters of the week attack, hero fights monsters and hero becomes stronger and looks epic while doing it. Keep in mind though, the show plays the tropes straight, subverts them and then punches them to death and plays them straight again.

Every now and then the chapters focus on the other heroes and by Jove there are a lot. The whole generic freak troupe and more is all over the place. Need a ninja? There is one. How about a guy with a tube haircut and a baseball bat? There is one of those as well, and more.



One of the most noticeable aspects of the series is how beautiful and detailed it is drawn; especially the manga. It’s on a level of its own. Apparently it started as a one shot story online. But then Shounen Jump caught wind of it. There is only one big problem, it’s a very new show, so there is a lot of waiting time between the episodes. Same goes for the manga chapters. Which means that there is always more to look out for every month.

 Njål Sand