Haven Review: The Dirty Mind Game

the-dirty-mind-gameThe Dirty mind game, There was a tender period about 15 years ago when the “party” board game hit sudden traction. Titles such as Pictionary, Scattergories, and Apples to Apples were often seen on mantles and coffee tables as accepted interior design.

One of my favorites of the era was the ubiquitous Dirty Minds, as well as its expansion title: More Dirty Minds. In these games, one player reads aloud a series of clues and other players must guess at the correct answer. The hook is that the clues are laced with sexual overtones and innuendo, while the correct answer is always something mundane and lackluster.

Enter The Dirty Mind Game, the mobile app.  I am currently playing it on the Android platform and it’s bringing back memories I thought I’d long since repressed.  The clues are every bit as hilarious as in the board game, and the electronic platform guarantees faster access to new clues as they are released.

My only critique is that The Dirty Mind Game makes players drag letters into tiny squares to spell out puzzle solutions.  This can be frustrating if one tends to fat-finger the screen.  It would be nice to have the familiar text-tap option, rather than require the dexterity of a surgeon…or should I say, “Someone who dresses up in costume whom you pay for hours of services”.

-Chris Roberts