Nerd Editorial: A Call to Cosplay!

Calling all Cosplayers! It’s up to everyone to remember that May first globally is free comic book day.
But there are those less fortunate then ourselves stuck in beds at hospitals who cannot join us and get free comics.
When I first moved to Norway I wanted to show people that we can make a difference
by being who we are which generally is geeks, nerds, and Otaku’s but anyone can make a difference anywhere. I recommend contacting your local comic book store and speaking with the owner.

Get a group together and go help make a difference in the world. You don’t need Robert Downey Jr, dressing up as Iron man when your friends and yourself can make a entire suit out of cardboard and cheer a kid up. You don’t need Chris Pratt to be Starlord when your sewing skills can suffice.
Get your friends together get your cosplays on and go visit your local childrens hospital share the joy and the excitement you feel every day being who you are. An use it to brighten up a sick persons day. Everyone can make a difference if you believe you can and it only takes one person to make a difference.

(Photos are not our own.)

-Daniel Clatworthy-