Haven Review: Kerbal Space Program

  kerbal_space_program_high_res_logo  Now I just want to say we are playing the Kerbal Space Program on the Xbox One and from what we can see its exactly like the PC port of the title, accept its now on consoles.

The main goal of the game is as you guessed it set up a space program for your little Kerbals and hopefully return them safely to earth by building different rockets and sending them in to space to explore other planets and to try to return home from successful missions with your crew intact.2862020-kerbalspaceprogram-3

Accomplishing this task is no easy feat as the controls are a bit rough to control or at least for me they are. Building the spaceships is generally the best part of the game as you can come up with some wicked designs before launching your little Kerbals to their inevitable death, I mean successful mission, yes that is what I meant a successful mission.kerbal_space_program_desktop_by_timmon26-d66qqlw

Now the music for the game is laid back and sets the tone for a game where you will feel like you are grinding for hours on end. Much like what you would encounter in a massively multiplayer online game. The music isn’t bad, and it’s not good but it’s there to get you into a repetitive mood and it does just that because there is a lot of trial and error involved in the gameplay process.

Growth in the game is fairly straight forward also you just start with a little garage and you keep working your way up until you are exploring the cosmos.kerbal-space-program-10-700x403

I do love the space exploration element of the game as it reminds me of the same kind of exploration in SPORE just not as big as the way SPORE had planned it. The Kerbals themselves are visually amusing as well and I really love their derpy expressions.

Personally I always wondered about the game’s popularity and I can totally understand why people love this title and how it’s ended up getting console ports because of it. The game is good and it’s really enjoyable.

In the end we can draw the conclusion that the game is as good as it is on the PC. But now on the consoles its fun and its enjoyable and best of all it has controller support for people like me.nlrxct1221q-940x528So check it out when you can on the Xbox One or the Play Station 4 as the title is totally worth it.

-Daniel Clatworthy-


Haven Review: Deus Ex – Mankind Divided


Adam Jensen is back as the protagonist for another Deus Ex title and I got to say. Even though he never asked for this I am loving it!

Deus Ex Mankind Divided takes place two years after the events of the first game where Adam fell into the water and was rescued. Now working along others to stop terrorist attacks is where we find him now.deus_ex_mankind_divided_gamescom_1

But the world has changed and people don’t trust augmented people anymore and its become a dark and gritty reality for a lot of people in the world.

Now one of the most amazing things I love about the game is its attention to detail. Just like the original Deus Ex title they spared no expense in flawless cut-scenes and beautiful scenery from sunset to the area’s you are fighting in.  The word breath-taking comes to mind in its design and the game I can assure you was worth waiting for.deus-ex-mankind-divided-screenshot-06_2048-0

The music of the game is equally impressive setting the scene for locations around the world and events that go on giving an extra depth to the emotional attachment you get with the game. So you really feel like you are apart of the game.

One of the more interesting aspects of the game though is the new way of using your augmentations to get around being able to break through walls and vault over them and the new almost detective vision like feel they have added. Although lets face is Eidos helped make this title and they did handle a lot of Batman work in Arkham Asylum so that is to be expected.deus-ex-mankind-divided

Another thing that this game can do that its predecessor failed about is the pacifist approach to handling things. In the previous title you could use non-lethal weapons but ultimately you need to kill to get by. In this title you can be a complete pacifist about the entire thing and never have to kill anyone.

The game however does have some issues but only in issues you’d expect from any titles really like rag-doll physx which really isn’t that big of a deal. Another thing is the tutorials it in the beginning helps you to understand the layout of places but at the same time they can be a bit tedious but nothing really hard to understand.fgsdfgsdg

Ultimately the game delivers on what we were expecting and what we were hoping for its everything it promised it would be and I love it.
It is worth picking up, and if you have the money my team and I all recommend it over games like No Man’s Sky because its simply better.

Now if you excuse me I got to lose touch with the world for a few more hours and expect some videos of the series when we get the Xbox hooked up again as we are moving the office.

TLDR; The Game is f–king amazing and you should get it if you like shooters, technology, and a deep story.

-Daniel Clatworthy-


Haven Review: Ghost Buster [2016]

imagesGhost Busters its been a movie, its been a comic, hell it’s even had a few decent video games over the years. But with the rebooted Ghost Busters movie out in theaters we have the fine privilege of tearing into the video game and reviewing it for what it is.

The game itself can be described in one very simple and very straight forward sentence.gb_screens_5-0

“The game is soon to become a ghost because it’s not very good, its poorly designed, and its garbage.”

Now I know there are some Ghost Buster die-hard fans out there who will say any piece of the Ghost Busters franchise is amazing and will defend it till the death, to these people I truly hope you are enjoying this game.

Now the game itself costs $50 US dollars that is the cost of any big triple A title and you expect it to rival games like Metal Gear Solid V, or Fallout 4 in terms of quality. However this game fails massively in comparison to these titles.

ji1d7vziyh4yckqjytabThe game is played as a top down exploration game where you play as not the four female protagonists from the movie but rather, some lackeys they hired to maintain order in their absence while they are out busting Ghosts at the  White House keeping Obama safe from old assassins.

Each stage is composed of three sub-stages and they are all repeated and very massive so you will spend about an hour in each stage. The best way to describe it is if you go on a three-mile hike and realize the only way to finish your walk is to do it three more times.

The stages are long and drawn out fighting the same amount of enemies over and over, in repetitive combat with very little health kits around encase you happen to die.

The enemies themselves aren’t unique either, they are just re-skinned on every enemy but with a different color glow behind them to make them look more unique. There is literally nothing special about their design. The worst part of it comes when you realize a game design grad student in modeling could potentially do a better job they did in terms of quality control.

ghostbusters-game-179106Now gameplay and story wise the game is primarily handled by missions. No great in-depth quality missions either but simple still drawn doodles giving brief explanations about Ghosts that are out there and what is happening with poor jokes tossed in to try to liven things up. I truly feel sorry for any voice actors whose names are tied to this title.

Music for the game is equally bad as they just sing the original Ghost Busters theme on a loop on the main menu. Don’t get me wrong the theme is good but even good things have to be handled in moderation and not repeated over and over roughly ninety plus times.

One of the worst sins of the game though is simple the genuine lack of effort, for fifty dollars you expect quality and you expect good things but this. People were worried the movie would be bad and it would be ruining the franchise I say it’s the games. Cheap games made quick to try to make a quick buck. Not giving any care to the players or the people investing in it.

It’s no wonder why the company Fireforge has gone bankrupt. If you make a good product, people will rally to you and support you through kickstarters and other companies. But ONLY if you make a good product. In the end the game falls short and I cannot recommend it to anyone. Save your money, go buy Deus Ex, or Call of Duty. A game that you know is actually pretty good.

-Daniel Clatworthy-


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