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Dungeon souls is not affiliated with another game series about souls and dungeons.20160728162520_1

The bodies of a slain champions lies before you, with their immortal soul floating above the empty husks below. In order to challenge the dark, dank and dastardly dungeon ahead, one of these poor unfortunate souls has to be resurrected. After that you have to best the horde of vicious enemies. Be especially wary of the candy cane snowman and the REDEEMER! Pick wisely, as each hero, if you can call them that, has an unique set of abilities. Such as the ever so charming necromancer and his army of disposable skeletons. Or the brutish barbarian, with his overcompensating axe. To succeed and proceed, you must touch the magic spell circles on the floor. But be warned, they will spawn savage monsters straight into your unsuspecting face. However should you manage to kill wipe out the enemy, great treasure awaits. All monsters in Dungeon Souls are loaded with gold and valuable trinkets. 20160728164930_1 Thing stuff that can be used to buy items from that mysterious vanishing vendor. Should you somehow get through the first floor, more vicious levels awaits, and they will never have the same layout, ever! Even if the pretentious boss baddies tends to stay the same. Every hero and villain will eventually meet their demise. There is a reason why they where dead in the first place. Meanwhile when down in the dungeon, could you gather materials and look for some item recipes? These remnants are very under equipped and have the worst accuracy ever. Cheers!


Pick a hero, select a starting skill and start exploring. Dungeon souls is one of those rogue lite games. Where many things are random and death is permanent. The player controlled characters are based on the typical d&d (Dungeon & Dragons) stereotypes, along with several unlock-able ones. Aim in the direction of an enemy and hit attack, or use spells when they are off cool down. Eventually the hero will gain levels where one stat has to be raised. Too bad the game does not pause, when these screens are up. Since some enemies spawn out of no where, or will attack you from outside your vision range. When they die they drop materials and gold, which can be spent on items that gives benefits. Though these items  need a lot of gold and materials, which will stack up after multiple  dungeon dives. Once all of the magic circles on a level is touched, head for the portal in the middle. Stay for too long and a big ass deadly demon will come to claim the hero. There are a lot of traps that can be triggered, such as rolling boulders, too bad these does not hurt enemies. Aiming is rather terrible and you are more likely to miss and some enemies can’t be out run at all. Health can be replenished to random potions and by leveling up. Heroes and recipes to unlock, a lot of levels and several difficulties, makes for a lot of replay-ability .20160728165633_1

The marker for the skill select, could  use a different color, yellow, on yellow, is not very smart. Animations turns weird when ruining against a wall. Music does get a bit boring and enemy attack animations are poorly telegraphed. Most bosses talk too much. Besides that, projectiles are atrocious, so hard to hit anything at all, especially with a gamepad.


The graphics are made of well drawn sprites, with a lot of effects all over the place and a crap ton of litter. The music is fairly okay, not much to say about it, very forgettable, but quite fitting.
For people whom like these small and charming beat things up and progress games. Dungeon Souls is not a bad game to pick up.


Disclaimer:  We received this game for review purposes only. As such, all views in this article are our own. No money has been exchanged for this review.

Njål H Sand

Haven Review:Asteroid Minesweeper

Minesweeper! Asteroid Minesweeper! Minesweeper made uber serious, now in 3d, with a rotatable camera and the same high stakes octane gameplay. If you have no idea what minesweeper is, then you are either lucky or are using a mac. Virtually every version of the Windows operating system comes with mini games, such as Minesweeper. Where the  goal is to clear out the board, without triggering the mines, hence the title.20160727142719_1

By thew way this not an easy task, after all everything is hidden and the only clue is the blocks with numbers on them, that hints to how many mines are adjacent. Due to the game being 3d, this means that there can be a mine in every direction with a cube. A point the tutorial hammer inn with a nail. Since only the precise instructions  during it will work, which made it quite an annoying level.
Controls in Asteroid Minesweeper  are very simple, responsive and comes with various control schemes. Keyboard navigation, tablet keys,  or the good old PC mouse. Right click reveals block, if it is a mine it goes boom. So hopefully it is a number, which points to nearby explosives. Meanwhile the mouse wheel key is used to tag a  mine and C  is used to clear out empty revealed blocks that serve no purpose.
As stated earlier, this one comes in 3d, where rotating the camera becomes a key element in removing blocks. Since a lot of them are hidden in a cluster of blocks. Apparently these clusters are the asteroid mentioned in the title. Graphically it is smooth, monochrome and simple. The only thing with color is the number on the blocks.

20160727005754_1 Simple, clean and it does get the job done. Eventually the mechanic will add some  cruel twists. such as moving mines. As for the music, it’s quite nice and melodic and very relaxing indeed. A mix of ambiance  and acoustic guitar, mixed in with some piano. Which most defiantly is a good thing, since the game will become very frustrating, quite fast. It’s a combination of nerve wrecking, anticipation and some skill. Luckily, I have at least five extra tries on most stages. Otherwise Asteroid minesweeper would be a real pain to play. There is also no timer as far as I can see, which is a very good thing. Unfortunately this is not my kind of game, I would personally recommend it. However it is damn addictive.  Anyone who enjoy the mind fumblingly frustrating mechanic of sweeping for mines, go ahead and get it.  On the flip side, there is a plot in it as well, along with a bucket load of  levels and steam achievements . Which gives you great value for the money.


Disclaimer:  We received this game for review purposes only. As such, all views in this article are our own. No money has been exchanged for this review.

Njål Sand

Haven Review: Bird of Light

Bird of Light


Various farm animals talks among each other as a human girl with red hair appear at the farm. These highly stylized and talkative animals are  a cheery bunch that likes to stand in the way a lot. Much like Aesop’s fables the story is a metaphor, told through the animals that slowly disappear, one by one. Which would be a good thing if it meant less of the damnable herd would stop blocking my path, so get used to see the restart screen a lot. I will not spoil the story at this point in time or talk about my thoughts on the theme. Bird of light is about an ever running ginger that can turn on intersections, jump over obstacles and reverse direction. Sound easy right? Think again, this is a quite tricky and slightly addictive platform game indeed.

20160724194007_1Most of the map is made up of squares with intersecting paths, seeded with things to bypass, floating blue eggs, some powerups, tokens and a key to the castle.

You will die a lot

Not only that some of the paths I had to place manually in order to optimize route, since at least one of these goals have to be completed in order to progress the story. Eventually the levels become more and more complicated with a metric ton of cows, sheep and pigs to dodge.

Some assembly needed

Tokens are used to show where pickups are hidden on the map. Unless the goal is to speed run the map I usually just go for the eggs as they will progress the story. As seen in the screen shots the graphic is both polished and stylized, which is quite pleasant to look at make Bird of Light stand out. It is a bold move to go with such a colorful art direction. I certainly love the  ever so satisfying Matrix style long jump, which works surprisingly well.

Princess of the castle!

While the graphic is nice and all, there is a distinct lack of settings. For some reason I got thrown straight into a tutorial with the music blaring. Which brings me to the next point and problem, while the music is nice and decent, it does get quite repetitive and imposing after a while. Luckily it can be muted, it’s just a bit annoying that I have to use the audio mixer in Windows to lower the volume.

A handy to do list!

Challenges and re-playability comes from the various badges as seen here, they mostly explains themselves. There are  Steam achievements as well. For people whom enjoy a good and topical story with a twist. A truck load of nail-bitingly challenging levels, with some fun and well implanted mechanics, look no further.  though I was more interested in getting through the story.


Disclaimer:  We received this game for review purposes only. As such, all views in this article are our own. No money has been exchanged for this review.

Njål Sand

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