Russo Brothers to Direct both Infinity Gauntlet Movies

Looks like the Russo Brothers, responsible for Marvel Movies Captain America 1 & 2, will be at the helm for the new Infinity Gauntlet Movies coming out later this decade. Personally I like the fact that it is the Russo’s. I feel they did a solid job with the first Captain America movie and really enjoyed the second.

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Sad to report that the people at Netflix have shut down the rumor of a live action “The Legend of Zelda” Television show. This is both good and bad news. On the one hand, TLoZ has a great story that’s simple and timeless. The Hero’s Journey and all that jazz. On the other hand, there are a lot of places they could really mess with the continuity that all the fans know and love and it might not end up being TLoZ that we know and love. Overall, I say it’s probably for the best that the Netflix rumors to have been shut down.

Batgirl victimized again?!?

It seems that DC comics just can’t get enough of making Barbara Gordon a victim in the eyes of the public. A new Variant cover of Batgirl #41 rekindles to our memory the horrific trauma that happened to her back in the 80’s during Alan Moore’s Killing Joke when Batgirl was shot in the stomach and paralyzed (allusions to sexual assault as well, but nothing ever confirmed)


Personally while I loved The Killing Joke as a comic from the 80’s, the tone of the current run of Batgirl is much more positive and shows batgirl in a more powerful light as opposed to the victim that this variant cover does. For those curious, this was the original cover of batgirl #1:


As you can see, an image like this presents a stark contrast from the variant cover of issue #41 and a completely different tone.

What do you guys think? Was DC right to pull the cover?

Take My Engine…Please!

Traditionally, the video game software engine is both a coveted and proprietary entity.
Developers form rivalries that ultimately benefit the consumer, with each company looking to
produce that next big hook for players to bite.

So what’s going on this year with engines being flouted about like so many cocktail
napkins?  The answer lies in a new hybrid of consumer:  the Player-Developer.  Many gamers
would love to try their hand at creating new titles, or at least programming modules for
existing ones.  Although there are free engines available, they tend to lack power.  The
professional-strength engines while feature-complete, tend to be priced out of reach.  The
now trending solution is to give away the big engines, either for free or for a small royalty.


On March 2, Epic Games offered its Unreal Engine 4 free of charge, asking only a
5% sales royalty for any product created with the engine.  One day later, Unity Technologies
released its new Unity Engine 5 multi-platform solution for free, minus some source code and
product support found in the paid “Pro” version.

As for the latest announcement in the runaway-engine saga, Valve plans to hand out their
upcoming Source 2 Engine free to everyone…and royalty-free!  The only catch is that games
created with the engine be sold exclusively via the Steam downloading platform.  But with an
elaborate user profile system and the practically household term “Steam Achievements”, this
could be marketed less as a restriction and more as a feature.

All told, this year could go on to redefine how games are made, distributed and licensed.
In the meantime, to the game companies who have generously opened their hearts and engines, we thank you.

Steam disclosure

Valve has recently launched a disclose policy that will change things for some
gamers out there in regards to how they are viewed. The new disclose policy states

“If you use Steam services (e.g. the Steam Curators’ Lists or the Steam Broadcasting service) to promote or endorse a product, service or event in return for any kind of consideration from a third party (including non-monetary rewards such as free games), you must clearly indicate the source of such consideration to your audience.”

Pretty self explanatory if you get paid for your games you now need to tell everyone that you
are getting paid for it. If the game is given to you by a company you must let your fans know
that a company has given you the copy of a game.
What does this mean for us? It means we will tell you who gave us the game we are playing and it means we will also tell you why we are playing it. We are very open regarding what we do. If a game developer gives us a copy of a game we play it to review it in exchange for that game. Even if the review is a crappy one and they get super pissed at us because of it.

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How to be a yandre simulator

Yandre, a character that is crazy in love with someone, to the point of committing ultra violence to the romantic rival. After all the heroine can’t have someone else fawning over her future boyfriend. Despite him loving someone else.

The clips shows the creator of this games progress so far, where he explains and shows some of the mechanics involved in cleaning up a murder scene.

I like the idea and the concept, it seem like only indie developers have the guts to pull this off. All it need is some more support.

Final Fantasy XV – Summoning System

This may be old news to some by Final Fantasy XV has a really unique summoning system.
Like me I am familiar with the old school system where you summon the monster it shows up. It then proceeds to blow something up and vanish, whatever.

Final Fantasy XV takes a entirely new approach to the classic just like it is with the entire game. Such as a female Cid, or instead of tent camping they break out a Coleman grill.
We’ll enough beating around the bush enjoy Ramuh’s summon from Final Fantasy XV!

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Windows 10 – Free for Pirates?

We were all sad that Windows 9 was cancelled and they began to push for Windows 10.
Soon after Microsoft announced that Windows 7 and 8 would be able to get a free upgrade
to Windows 10 and more news comes in that. Windows 10 upgrades may be available to
anyone with a potentially pirated copy of Windows!

In a phone call with Reuters Terry Myerson told them.

the reason for this was because Microsoft wanted to “re-engage,” with all of the hundreds of millions of Windows users in China.

Although he didn’t clarify if this upgrade will be for everyone in the world I think it would be a amazing move on Microsoft’s part! As I know a handful of people out there with a pirated copy of Windows 7 and 8 who just cannot afford a legit copy. It is true that they will lose a
fair amount of profits from this but. They would also gain a lot of positive feedback from this
and from their fanbase.
Personally I think only good things can come from this.

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Fist look at a Attack on titan movie

Just recently a sneak peak for the live action Attack on titan movie got released. And it looks very promising. Now If the series popularity will make it more accessible here in the west as well..  It makes one wonder how  giant naked emanating men, with no skin or reproductive organs will work on the big screen. They are creepy enough as it is.

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Retiring Internet Explorer.

Internet Explorer to retire when Windows 10 comes out. It’s a sad but true moment when the browser we all knew and used for many years or at least until you realized there was a better and faster web browser out there. That Internet Explorer would someday be retired and Microsoft would move onto a new web browser.

But let us not forget the importance of what Internet explorer did for us. If not for Microsoft offering Internet explorer with their operating systems for free we would still have to go and buy a web browser.ie9-10
Like Netscape Navigator, but sense Microsoft offered us Internet explorer for free it caused browsers like Navigator to go belly up and ultimately help make browsing the internet free.

If you’re curious what happened to Netscape they went off and founded Mozilla and in such created Mozilla Firefox, and Thunderbird which a lot of people including myself use till this day.
I know a lot of people don’t know this and it’s okay and now you do. Just remember when you use Spartan, Google Chrome, FireFox, Opera, and Safari what our favorite blue E did for the world and for you.

It may be the bane of our jokes in the tech industry but without it. There probably wouldn’t be any free web browsers today so we can safely cruise the internet.
So with that being said, let us take a moment to remember the fond memories we have had with internet explorer.

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